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Financial Damage Quantification

Our seasoned professionals quantify the financial loss for organizations that must prepare an insurance claim or that are involved in litigation.

In what context is our quantification services usually required?

We have the independence, skills and experience to quantitatively and qualitatively analyze the facts to determine financial damages and to develop rigorous and extensive reports in situations related to:

What types of services are we able to offer?

We take care of one or more of these steps, in collaboration with any of your internal advisors if you wish:

Quantifying financial damage in insurance

Especially in the context of insurance claims, our expertise allows us to carry out our work in accordance with the insurance policies in force, and according to proven, standardized and recognized calculation methods. We work closely with both the insured and his accountant to achieve accurate, objective and independent results. In addition, our quantification reports popularize complex financial information, facilitating the process of a fair settlement for all parties involved.

For specific questions about our financial damage quantification services or to get a quote:


The best strategic move you've done is to introduce the Quantum team to us." This is the comment I received from a client who suffered damage that needed quantification for insurance. As an insurance broker, doing business with a financial professional gives a lot of credibility to the insurer, without wasting valuable time on my client who, in addition to his day-to-day business, has to live with a claim to settle. The support to the client was exemplary, making his work easier.
Insurance broker