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Forensic Investigations Following Allegations of Wrongdoings

Our investigative services are designed to establish facts and circumstances following suspicions or allegations of wrongdoings involving employees, suppliers, customers, etc.

What are the situations covered by our investigations?

Any situation of potential non-compliance with an external or internal normative framework of the organization, for example:

What are the main steps of a forensic investigation?

We take care of one or more of these investigative steps, in collaboration with any of your internal advisors, if you wish:

In addition, at the end of our investigation, we make concrete recommendations to guide the organization in its efforts to prevent and detect fraud and other unethical acts.

What is the methodology used in a forensic accounting investigation?

Each investigation is unique and requires a strong concern about confidentiality.  Forensic investigations are all planned and executed to protect the assets, evidence and reputation of the various stakeholders.

In addition, as an external party to the organization, we remain objective and impartial in our analyses and conclusions.

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