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Fraud Risk Management

Fraud risks affect all key business processes of an organization.  We support you in the implementation of the best practices in a personalized approach to your organization.

How do you start a fraud risk management project in an organization?

Various initiatives can be carried out to take into account the organizational context and aim to evolve in the prevention and detection of wrongdoing, including:

Why do we want to better understand and manage our fraud risks?

According to participants in the Association of Certified Examiners’ international study (ACFE – Report to the Nation on Occupational Fraud 2018), fraud costs an organization an average of 5% of its gross revenue.  In addition to the financial impact, fraud affects the reputation of the organization and employee satisfaction and morale.

For specific questions about our fraud risk management services or to get a quote:


As President and Chief Executive Officer, as well as Chief Compliance Officer, the use of Quantum Juricomptable services was a must. Despite our obsession with good governance and compliance with our processes, as well as our high standards on safety and financial aspects, the intervention of Quantum Juricomptable was an added value highly appreciated by our management team. First, we were able to comfort ourselves on the compliance aspects of our processes, but most importantly, to assess the full range of non-compliance opportunities.
Danny Boulanger, President and CEO

In December 2017 newsletter of Quebec Women in Finance, Quantum presents the top 3 of the 15 best practices in fraud risk management: